The Importance Of Balancing Facilities and Infrastructure In Soekarno-Hatta Airport Part 1 To 5

Group 7

Name :    1. Leader     :    Putra Randa Bentar Sitompul (2241 10 266)

2. Members   :       –           Muhammad Arif (2241 10 213)

–     Marezha Herlin S (2241 10 040)

Class                           :    ZU-10

Task                             : 1-5






\            It’s a very common thing in the eyes of the world that the airport is home to a country as a economic gateway of the country concerned and become a transport activities both domestic and foreign that makes the airport is also a symbol of the country, if transport activities done properly then all other activities related to the activity will run effectively and efficiently.

In support of these activities are many things that need to be taken to ensure that everything is done from the initial place of delivery or departure to the destination can be done well and requires perfection in an optimal and maximum implementation.

This should be considered, because in the future, surging of demand from passengers and companies who want to enlist the services rather than the airport itself will be increased in accordance with the current good economic certain times where passenger transportation activities through the day more.

In essence, the state of the current airport facilities and infrastructure it is still far from what it should be, it is said to be due to the passenger capacity for its own mode of transportation is still not sufficient, and if it is not fixed soon, it can be ascertained losses for airlines and airports themselves will occurred, whereas according to the Research Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Indonesia domestic passenger growth rate rose to 3.31% until July 2012.

Our aim chose the theme of this paper is to measure the readiness of the airport rather than in terms of improving the facilities and infrastructure of the airport in order to still be able to meet demand in the future.






Facilities and infrastructure is a key element in an aviation activity of the country. Facilities used are aircrafts while infrastructure means are the airports that where aircraft take off and landing. Facilities and infrastructure are inter-related and support each other according to their respective functions.

According to the Minister of Communications Decree Number KM 7 of 2008 on Organization and Administration of Airport Technical Unit consider that with the increasing growth of the national economy and the development of air transport policy led to improved services in airport operations that must be supported by facilities and airport infrastructure.

Improved facilities and infrastructure an airport must be balanced by growth in demand for air transport and aviation industrial development. Angkasa Pura as airport management entity responsible for fulfilling airport facilities pursuant to Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 Year 2009 of Article 219 paragraph (1), each entities airports or airport operator unit shall provide airports facilities that meet aviation safety and security requirements, as well as airport services in accordance with established service standards.

Response and feedback from user services and the community in general is needed in order to know flaws and what needed improvement. To obtain accurate data, the method used is the method of Crawford (1928) which is classified into:

1. Experiment                                   7. Interview

2. Psychological                               8. Questionnaire

3. Case study                                    9. Observation

4. Survey                                           10. Measurement

5. Make curriculum                          11. Statistical

6. Job analysis                                 12. Tables and graphs


While the number of samples taken by the respondent refers to calculations by using the calculation formula of Slovin, namely:

n =              N




n = Sample size

N = Population size

ne = the percentage of allowances inaccuracy can be tolerated








Based on the purpose of writing we chose the theme “The Importance of Balancing Facilities and Infrastructures of Soekarno-Hatta Airport” is to identify and quantify the level of readiness of the airport in terms of improving facilities and infrastructure in order to remain able to meet the growing demand from year to year.

Therefore, to obtain accurate data we used the descriptive research method to know the public image about the extent to which quality facilities and infrastructure of Soekarno Hatta airport, while for the data collection method we use Crawford (1928) is a questionnaire consisting of 25 questions. We make this questionnaire online, using foreign websites are:

Our questionnaire contains about image or perception of the respondents towards facilities and infrastructure of Soekarno-Hatta airport today and what development of should be done for the future. And because the scope of the discussion that is widespread, the variable rate for the required sampling should be is quite varied.

In distribution we use social networks like facebook, twitter, but some respondents informed through direct contact via private message. Respondents target that we should be a minimum of 40 people. Where are all those respondents who had used the services of Soekarno-Hatta airport, so the opinions and responses of the respondents can be processed into expected information.

Due research method used is descriptive method, to minimize the confusion level (bias) of people on the question presented, we use a simple question, so communication between us as interviewers with the respondents being communicative communication.








Based on the writing of “The Importance of Balancing Facilities and Infrastructures of Soekarno-Hatta Airport” we did a survey on the topic using the system closed the interview with a question that is descriptive, amounting to 25 questions, and get respondents as many as 78 people with questions dissemination system using electronic media and the Internet.

This question is more directed to the level of service, improvements to be made, and the effects of the facilities and infrastructure. This question is presented for the purpose of seeking optimization and maximization of the airport itself. And according to our estimates, more people will realize how important this is, and how necessary repairs are carried out to support the existing transportation. Data about the respondents that may include:

– Respondents of 78 people.

– 84.5% were male.

– 52.7% aged 20-30 years.

– 97.1% had felt the services and facilities of the Soekarno-Hatta airport.

While the survey results are obtained more leads about how expected communities to repair the airport to be done, it is useful to improve the welfare of society and the creation of a smooth operation of the State economy.

As many as 78% respondents stated that the government should intervene to deal with this, because the organization itself is less than optimal. In accordance with the statement that there are respondents, 87.2% said that the organization would have to undergo a change in the airport, it can be concluded that the importance the role and intervention of government and the cooperation between the government and the airport affairs that the creation of the airport environment and productive.








Based on the analysis we have made regarding the facilities and infrastructure in Soekarno Hatta airport we conclude:

  1. Lack of attention to the improvement of facilities and infrastructure located at Soekarno-Hatta.
  2. Lack of cooperation between the parties of airport management with the government to achieve the optimal and maximal from the airport operational activities.
  3. Efforts to improve the capacity of the airport to be fixed to accommodate the number of passengers not quickly enough in the implementation.
  4. Based on the distribution of questionnaires, the service is quite satisfactory, but there should be special treatment of the parties concerned, the public response has been positive can be expressed.

Based on the data obtained, we as researchers suggest that:

  1. To reform the management of the airport so that more good again in the future.
  2. Doing development of Soekarno-Hatta airport so its capacity can be adjusted by increasing the number of passengers from year to year.
  3. Government and Soekarno Hatta airport management must work together for the betterment of Soekarno Hatta airport.

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