Group: 1 (Task 4)
Netti Yuliarti (2241.10.176)
Elparida Arni B (2241.10.133)
Claudia Kartika C (2241.10.163)
Class: S1 ZU10


                 We have made a survey conducted by distributing questionnaires in the form of structured and unstructured questionnaires. In a structured questionnaire, the questions asked by some alternative answers (multiple choice) that have been determined by us. The questionnaire was distributed online. While the unstructured questionnaire, the questions were made in the form of essays, respondents are required to describe their thoughts in answer questionnaires. And a questionnaire was distributed offline. Forms of the data we collect is qualitative data, namely in the form of words or phrases such as questions that need answers. This survey was made to analyze the problems that are comparative to compare how the public interest against two (2) types of airline service, the Full Service Carriers and Low Cost Carrier. Total respondents that we can is by 52 respondents. We did the distribution of questionnaires since 2 October 2012 to 11 October 2012.

Below are the results from a recent survey:



freq travel

motif trip





From these data we have mentioned above, we will make an analysis that aims to determine how the public interest against the service Full Service Carrier with many emergence of Low Cost Carrier and what the underlying from the interest.

We analyze that, after many airline-emergence of a new airline with the concept of Low Cost Carrier or low cost airlines, many people who are resorting to using the service, but many are certain groups of people who remained loyal use Full Service Carrier. Underlying factors that according to our data including travel time, travel patterns, as well as underwriting travel expenses. Following review of our analysis:

If we want to use the service to fly with Low Cost Carrier, we have to make a reservation from a couple of months prior to travel. If time travel is sudden then we will not be able to make purchases of services. Because of low cost airlines rely heavily on their promotional strategies ahead of time before the scheduled flight performed, usually within a period of 3-6 months in advance. The closer with day of departure the ticket price will be more expensive. Therefore, the groups of people who tend to use the service to fly with Low Cost Carrier majority of students, who travel motive for a planned vacation. Since the holiday had been planned several months in advance, so that they will make a purchase at least 3 months prior to travel, and ticket prices will tend to be cheap. It is also based on the limited funds held by the student. They tend not to think about what kind of services they can receive, the most important basic services (destinations) could be fulfilled. While businessmen tend to keep using the service of Full Service Carrier, because the businessmen will travel on schedule that sometimes business or sudden nature cannot be planned in advance.



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