Group: 1 (Task 1)
Netti Yuliarti (2241.10.176)
Elparida Arni B (2241.10.133)
Claudia Kartika C (2241.10.163)
Class: S1 ZU10




Nowadays LCC is booming among the users of air transportation. Besides the ticket price is cheap but still give priority to the safety aspects are reasons why LCC is in great demand by the public. Although the LCC presented only minimal services, it is not become an obstacle for people to use LCC.


But that does not mean, by the LCC phenomenon, then the FSC (Full Service Carrier) is not desirable. Instead the growth of aviation business in Indonesia with full service, recently increased. Many new players are starting to enter the market for full service that is only controlled by the airline Garuda Indonesia. Just call it Pacific Royale Airways is the first private airline in Indonesia to serve a full-service which has made its debut flight in some cities on June 11, 2012.

Although LCC services tend to dominate the aviation market in Indonesia, but the existence of the FSC is still visible. Indonesia National Air Carriers Association (INACA) or the Association of Indonesian Civil Aviation, said FSC class is only holding a smaller portion that is only 20% of Indonesian aviation market, the remaining 80% controlled by the LCC market. However, if the full service airlines remain consistent in excellent service, the market is still there.

Therefore, we conducted a study on the existence of a full service airline in the onslaught of low-cost airlines (LCC) aims to review how the public interest in the full-service airline, whether that interest is reduced as the rise of LCCs, or even FSC has its own market that is still survive.

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