Group: 1 (Task 3)
Netti Yuliarti (2241.10.176)
Elparida Arni B (2241.10.133)
Claudia Kartika C (2241.10.163)
Class: S1 ZU10




The more widespread use of the concept of LCC (Low Cost Carier) by airline companies in Indonesia to make the concept of FSC (Full Service Carier) seemed a bit knocked out so we decided to examine the “DO FSC less attractive with the presence of LCCs? ‘. Regarding the background and the theoretical basis we have explained in previous studies. We will continue this research to develop a questionnaire to support the needs of data for research next.

In this case, we use a descriptive method to support the success of a recent survey. Using this method aims to see how the public interest against full service airlines. The survey is divided into two parts, the offline survey and online surveys. We made ​​10 essay questions for offline survey and 20 multiple-choice questions for online surveys.

The survey was conducted to review how the public interest against full service airlines, whether that interest is reduced as more widespread LCC (Low Cost Carier), or even FSC (Full Service Carier) has its own market. We chose businessmen, office workers, students and lecturers of STMT Trisakti, both men and women as a target survey as the most easily accessible and frequently travels by airplane.

In offline surveys, we conduct research directly to the expert / transportation professional (STMT Trisakti University Lecturers), so as to generate the data necessary research and actualization guaranteed. Implementation, realized by conducting interviews or question and answer directly to the expert / experienced transportation professionals on a full service airline and the Low Cost Carrier.

While in the online survey, we made a questionnaire on the site

In addition to using the site above, we are also distributing questionnaires via social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and kaskus. Minimum target we have set is 30 respondents.


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