Local Pilot VS Foreign Pilot

Team    : 3

Apsada Juri (224110131)

Rio Hafiz Al Caesar (224110079)

Indria Ulufi (224110199)

Feli Ervina (224110180)

ZU 10

Research methodology

We make this task begins with an introduction that contains the reason why we chose our theme: “Local Pilot vsForeign Pilot”, as the material that will be thorough. Then, we make a theoretical foundation upon themes that we specify.

The method we will use to examine the descriptive analysis is a method through a survey to look at the public perception of the themes that we specify. Our survey consisted of an online survey and the survey offline (manual). We have 20 questions on “Local Pilot vs Foreign Pilot”.

Our survey contains the identity of the respondent, the respondent’s perception of the pilots and foreign pilots from Indonesia, the response of the public regarding the open sky, and the readiness of Indonesia in face off. We make our survey website: surveyonics.com.

Survey our group is the “Local Pilot vs Foreign Pilot”. We want to see the level of knowledge and public awareness the situation of foreign pilots who started in business aviation in Indonesia as well as community feedback regarding satisfaction with the services provided by foreign pilots as well as pilots from Indonesia.

In the case of an online survey, we distributed the survey via social networks like facebook, twitter, and blogs. Target respondents of the survey were at least 30 respondents.

Then, we also conducted the survey offline. In this offline surveys, this survey we deploy manually. Our respondents are STMT lecturers who are experts in they capability, as well as students who have never been on a plane before.





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