Pilot Lokal VS Foreign Pilot

Team    : 3

Apsada Juri (224110131)

Rio Hafiz Al Caesar (224110079)

Indria Ulufi (224110199)

Feli Ervina (224110180)

ZU 10

Teoritical Basic

Pilot is the spearhead of a flight. Pilot or flight lieutenant has a great responsibility regarding safety and aviation security. Therefore, being a pilot is not something serious, because dealing with the lives of hundreds of passengers. This is supported by regulations that states the following:

“During the flight, the captain of an aircraft pilot in question has the authority to take action to ensure the safety, order, and aviation security.” (Article 55, Law No. 1 of 2009) (Pasal 55,UU No.1 tahun 2009)

One day we will be the era of globalization. In this era, every human being in different countries, free to find a job even though it was in the room across the country. It also applies to the business of air transportation in Indonesia. The era of globalization was approached, marked by Open Sky agreements have agreed among ASEAN member countries. Various airlines in Indonesia also have tried to adapt himself to employ several employees, directors, and pilots who came from foreign countries.

It becomes an interesting thing when we try to probe the degree of readiness of pilots Indonesia against invading foreign pilots began to enter into the world of air transportation in Indonesia.

“Every aircraft personnel are required to have a license or certificate of competence”. (Article 58, paragraph 1, Act 1 of 2009) (Pasal 58,ayat 1,UU No.1 tahun 2009)

“Personnel aircraft is directly related to the implementation of the operation of aircraft required to have a valid license and valid”. (Article 58, paragraph 2, Act 1 of 2009) (Pasal 58,ayat 2,UU No.1 tahun 2009)

In the discussion of the rules above, explained that each aircraft aircrews required to have a license or certificate of competence as well as the pilot. It generally known by the public before any foreign pilots are coming into the country of Indonesia to work has had an international license.

This could be a threat to pilots from Indonesia. Besides having to compete with other local pilots, now they also have to compete with pilots from other countries.

In conclusion, the pilot who came from foreign countries can be developed in Indonesia. It became a separate alert for pilots who came from Indonesia. Pilot Indonesia should be ready to compete. Future will be ensured of a great rivalry between foreign pilots with local pilots in the world of work. Open Sky which will take place not only allow foreign pilots to go to work in Indonesia, but Indonesia pilot can also work outside Indonesia if licensed and qualified competence.



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