Group: 1 (Task 5)
Netti Yuliarti (2241.10.176)
Elparida Arni B (2241.10.133)
Claudia Kartika C (2241.10.163)
Class: S1 ZU10



After we conducted a series of surveys both online and offline, from the questions that we asked in the questionnaire, we can measure the level of air passenger preferences based on the answers they provide, including:

1. choosing to use the Full Service Carrier 25 people = 48%

Consists of:

– Businessman = 5 people

– Office workers = 15 people

– Lecturer = 3 people

– More = 2 people

By reason of traveling, as follows:

– Business travel = 5 people

– Others (official) = 15 people

– Reason families = 5 people

2. Choosing to use the Low Cost Carrier by 27 people = 52%

Consists of:

– Students = 22 people

– Other = 5 people

By reason of traveling, as follows:

– Vacationing = 20 people

– The reason the family = 7 people

We can draw the conclusion that passengers using the service of Low Cost Carrier, more than the passengers using the service of Full Service Carrier, but this does not mean that the public interest is reduced to this Full Services . But due to the emergence of Low Cost Carrier services system, airlines who operating in the Full Service Carrier, mapping their own market segments which are identified most coming from the businessmen community and office workers. This shows that the Full Service Carrier does have its own market. They tend to sell to the passengers themselves who choose to use business-class flights with various reasons such as prestige, range of services, convenience of flying, safety that is more assured, and so forth.


  • For Communities who use air transportation.

The public should elect the flying services that will be used is not based on the price of expensive tickets or cheap, but it should give priority to the need for safety of flight. Due to aviation safety is the most important thing. In addition, before using the services of an airline, whether full service airlines and low-cost airlines, consumers should find out as much as whether the airline in question has a good reputation in the eyes of its customers or otherwise. Because of the high and low price of the ticket does not guarantee the satisfaction gained by consumers.

  • For Full Service Airlines.

Companies must maintain the quality of service provided. Due to the quality of service is a priority of full service airlines, especially in the service of each touch point must be considered in detail as Full Fare Airline communicate directly with consumers. Because if it is seen from the results of questionnaires that have been filled, the community has agreed that service quality full flight fare well. This is an opportunity for companies to continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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