14 Desember 2012

Group 6

Leader                         :           Fitriyanti                                 224110100

Members                    :           Rantih Lenggo Geni            224110018

Indah Nurbaiti                         224110196

Mentari de tanzil                    224110102

Class                            :           ZU 2010

Task                             :           Translate



       1.      Introduction

A word “Ticket Broker” would have been familiar to us. The ticket brokers are not only at the airports, but at the bus terminal, train station, or another public location. Interpretation of ticket broker itself is a mediator who gives his service to take care of something based on the wages. Usually an airplane ticket brokers are well-groomed not like another ticket brokers, so that is difficult to distinguish the ticket brokers with another airport service users.

In here we will discuss about the presence of the ticket brokers at Soekarno-Hatta Airport especially for Domestic Flights in Terminal 1. Why the presence of ticket brokers are so difficult to cleaned-up? Actually, with the presence of the ticket brokers benefits the customers who want an easy way to buy tickets. The customers only have to call the broker and tell him the departure schedules. After that customers have to pay an agreed sum of money.

If we see the system in Soekarno-Hatta Airport, actually sweeping events often held to eradicate the existence of brokers. But still, those events are temporary. A few days later the ticket brokers appear again in the airport.

But now, with the presence of E-Ticket, that is booking tickets directly through the internet. Customers can directly book tickets without intermediaries (Ticket Brokers). But, not many people understand of this online ticket booking, moreover there are people who do not realize of its existence at all. Or because of the booking ticket procedure confuses the customers.

Therefore, we took the theme “Influence of E-Ticket with the Existence of Ticket Brokers at the Airport”. And we will conduct a survey to some existing ticket brokers, in order to determine whether the implementation of E-Ticket will impact on their employment.


2.      The Theoretical Basis

According to Law No. 1 of 2009 Flight Article 1 Paragraph 27. That the purpose of the ticket is a document printed form, through an electronic process, or any other form, which is one of the evidence of an agreement between the passenger and air freight carriers, and passenger rights to use airplanes or transported by airplane. According to Big Indonesian Dictionary ticket is letter to board the ship, aircraft, train, and so on.

Ticket is one proof of the agreement between the passenger and service providers. The existence of ticket is very important because if the passenger does not have a ticket, he will not be able to travel. However, the presence of ticket brokers resulting treaty change because brokers are the third parties that illegal. To reduce the presence of ticket brokers, the airlines enforce E-Ticket. With E-Ticket, passengers can easily place an order without an intermediary (Ticket Broker) which will eliminate the presence of Ticket Broker in the airport.

According to Samuelson and Nordhauns Economic Theory, “The law of supply is the higher the price, the more the number of items offered. Otherwise, the lower the price, the fewer the number of items offered.”

Because the broker is offering tickets at a high enough price, in here the broker acts as the people who sells tickets to passengers. Based on the high price of tickets which offered, it also increased the level of its offer; this is the basis of the increasing number of Ticket Brokers at the airport. Because profit as brokers doubled, so many people are interested in being a brokers. Compared with other employment, be a Ticket Broker is very tempting. The revenue gained much, but does not require a lot of energy and expertise.

Definition of Marketing according to Philip Kotler in his book “Marketing Management” (2003: p8). Marketing is social process which individuals or groups obtain what they need and want by creating, offering, and exchanging products and services of value with others. Brokers do marketing by offering valuable services to user services. The broker has his own way of offering tickets to passengers. Passengers who bought tickets to the broker are usually due to urgent matters that do not have much time to buy directly at the airlines counter sales. Brokers offer services in the sale of tickets and passengers pay an agreed sum of money. This thing is, that should be considered by the airlines. The airlines should be able to do marketing well. Knowing what is required by passengers in terms of the ticket booking procedure that is not confusing.

According to Law No. 2 of 1992, what is meant by insurance or coverage is an agreement between two or more parties, where the insurer was bound by the insured, by accepting the insurance premiums to provide reimbursement to the insured for loss, damage or loss of expected profit, or legal liability to third parties which may be suffered by the insured, arising from an uncertain events, or to provide a payment based on the death or life of an insured person.

Every passenger on a flight using the aircraft will automatically get insurance. In the reservation process, airlines officials will ask about the identity of the customer’s completely. But what would happen if passengers bought tickets through a broker? Of course, the data that is in the ticket does not match the actual identity of passengers. It is a concern when something unexpected happens during the flight because passengers could not claim his insurance because the existing data on the ticket is different from the actual.


3.      Research Methods

The title that we took was “Influence of E-Ticket with the Existence of Ticket Brokers at the Airport”. The method we use in this research is descriptive method. Descriptive method is a research method that seeks to describe and interpret objects according to what they are (Best, 1982:119). With descriptive methods, research allows for do the relationships between variables, test hypotheses, develop generalizations, and develop theories that have universal validity (West, 1982). That is why we chose this descriptive method, as we will illustrate how the impact of E-Ticket to the presence of ticket brokers in the airport.

To get accurate results we did interview to the brokers that exist at Soekarno-Hatta Airport Terminal 1C and did the dissemination of the questionnaire via online media ( and through social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and via Blackberry Messenger.

The survey that we made through online media such as the questions of how far the presence of brokers at the airport, the response from people to that ticket brokers at the airport, and we want to know the behavior of passengers who prefer to buy tickets through brokers. The question that we made for the brokers are how long they have worked to be brokers, why do they prefer to be brokers, and their responses about the employment itself.

Our target respondents are the public who use the services of flight. Deployment time take several weeks. After getting the results of the survey, we will use it to do the analysis.


4.      Data Analysis

For over a week we do the analysis via online survey and interviews related to the topic of our group “Influence of E-Ticket with the Existence of Ticket Brokers at the Airport”. We conducted interviews to five brokers that we encountered at Soekarno-Hatta precisely in Terminal 1C.

We also found that the average ticket brokers at Soekarno-Hatta Airport Terminal 1C are men whose age ranges above 30 years. They said they prefer to be a broker because of the difficulty in finding a job, and they think if they just work as an employee of one company, their income is relatively small when compared to the income being a broker. Usually they serve an average of 6 to 7 passengers per day, and will be more during peak seasons. Income that they can get is up to two hundred thousand dollars in one day. With that much income, they don’t want to switch jobs because they think that is enough. Average, their final education is in high school, though educational status does not become a benchmark in the profession. The broker’s income is not a little, so most of them stick with the profession they do and can be a broker about 20-25 years. Though they know their profession is illegal, however, they assume all is not wrong as long as they do not interfere with the safety and convenience of the parties involved.

Besides conduct interviews directly to the brokers, we also spread some online questionnaires through surveyonics. From the results of an online survey that we spread, the numbers of respondents are 72 peoples. The number of inquiries we spread through surveyonics is 17 questions. Based on the data we collect, the majority of people who answered our questions are 37 men, 35 women which average age are 19-25 years old and worked as college students.

From the data we collect, we can analyze that 62 people never bought tickets from the brokers and 10 people confess have bought tickets from the brokers. For people who have bought tickets from brokers, according to their opinion, the price that broker offered is relatively expensive. 64 people know booking airline tickets through the web (E-Ticket) and 8 people don’t know about the E-Ticket. They said actually book tickets through online is not confusing and more efficient. With the implementation of the e-ticket can actually reduce the presence of brokers, so that the order in the airport can be assured. But not a few people who said that the presence of ticket brokers actually is not too disturbing other passengers, while the brokers do not make a fuss, it is certainly does not matter.



5.      Conclusion and Suggestion

  • Conclusion

For about 2 weeks we did an online survey and interviews directly to the brokers that exist at Soekarno-Hatta Airport precisely in Terminal 1C. After that, we analyze the data we get. Questions that can represent our conclusions are:gambar2


From 72 respondents who answered our questions, 62 people said that they never buy tickets through brokers and 10 people said that they had bought tickets through brokers.


And 64 people said that they knew about the implementation of the E-Ticket and 8 people said they did not know about the E-Ticket. We can also conclude:

Ä      Only some people who prefer to buy tickets through brokers. The average of these people did not like the procedure that is in the E-Ticket which is confusing and there is no time for making reservations directly to the airline, or they are in a hurry to take the flight so they buy tickets through brokers.

Ä      The presence of the ticket brokers, indeed disturbing order in the airport. However, we should not think too negatively on the ticket broker employment. It’s not their fault if they become a broker but because of the need to live more and more difficult in the fulfillment. Transactions that they did were not coercive too.

    Ä      On June, 1st 2009 IATA (International Air Transport Association) has informed all airlines members to apply the E-Ticket in any transaction. It will certainly make it easier for customers to book tickets. Because passengers do not need to visit the airlines counter directly. With that thing, passengers will prefer a book with an E-Ticket than through brokers.


  • Suggestion

Ä      For flight service users.

If you will take a flight, we expect you to purchase tickets by booking directly to the airline counter or through a travel agent. Do not buy tickets through a broker, the price offered is relatively more expensive than the actual price and not be protected in terms of insurance in the event of an incident. It’s different from buy tickets through official counter airlines, travel agent or book through E-Ticket.

Ä      For ticket brokers.

The job that they do, actually do not harm the customers. At certain moments the consumers precisely require ticket brokers. Transactions that they do are not coercive.  But at least, you can search for better job because there are still many good jobs out there. Or switch job from ticket brokers then make a travel agent, it would be more useful.

Ä      For the security at the airport.

The presence of the brokers is definitely illegal and against the rules. The security at the airport should do the sweeping routinely. Not only advise brokers that are caught when doing transactions, but also provide counseling so that they discourage to do it again. However the existence of brokers will aggravate the existing security system image.



19 Oktober 2012

Kelompok 6

Ketua             :           Fitriyanti                                 224110100

Anggota         :          Rantih Lenggo Geni            224110018

Indah Nurbaiti                      224110196

Mentari de tanzil                  224110102

Kelas              :           ZU 2010

Tugas             :           5



Selama kurang lebih 2 minggu kami melakukan survey online, dan melakukan wawancara langsung terhadap para calo yang ada di Bandara Soekarno Hatta tepatnya diterminal 1C. Setelah itu kami menganalisis data yang kami dapat. Pertanyaan yang dapat mewakili kesimpulan kami yaitu:

Dari 72 responden yang menjawab pertanyaan kami  sebanyak 62 orang yang mengatakan kalau mereka tidak pernah membeli tiket melalui calo dan sebanyak 10 orang yang menyatakan kalau mereka pernah membeli tiket melalui calo.

Dan sebanyak 64 orang yang menyatakan bahwa mereka  tahu mengenai pemberlakuan mengenai e-ticket dan sebanyak 8 orang yang menyatakan tidak tahu mengenai e-ticket. Kami pun dapat menyimpulkan: Baca entri selengkapnya »

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